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It's Always a Sunday MorningUpdated: Sep 24

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#37 blob.

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Posted 02 February 2015 - 10:43 AM


I really love what you have done with your gallery! I just want to drool over most of the things in here! :P

My favourite if your graphics is the first, red chapter image, and the Taylor Swift, 'blank space' signature. The main thing you need to work on is text. Text is hard. The text on the first chapter image is very pretty though. Well done.

I hope to see more updates from you soon! :)

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blob. blob. blob. by The Amazing Enigma

#38 eons.



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Posted 02 February 2015 - 11:39 PM

Hey there! :D Thanks for the kind words-- You're so right, text is ba(n)e :P

meena, pm first

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#39 zorya.


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Posted 11 February 2015 - 01:21 PM

Hey! I think you have a great start to your gallery (even though there isn't much in here :silly: )

I think your signatures are my favourite - the three you have are so lovely and soft, and I love the comp/colouring on your second one. I can't wait to see what else you come up with!

Your 'Wren' banner is lovely as well - the black and white is love, though maybe try lowering the contrast so the girl is a little more visable? Either way, your banners are so pretty and the comp on the 'fairies' is perfect.


I can't wait to see your new graphics!



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Stunning sig by Vanya (Azimuth)

Previously Otachi

#40 chernabog rising.

chernabog rising.

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Posted 21 February 2015 - 11:21 PM

hi i am here to show some love~ your composition is very nice, it is clean and well done and that's always a really good thing. as well you have some unique cropping and composition, and i really like that. if i were to give critique, it would be that i'd work on being more even with your colouring, using colour balance layers over the entire graphic help with that. otherwise, great stuff!

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#41 god.dess



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Posted 02 March 2015 - 05:45 PM

Hi Meena ^_^ My name is Mafee, nice to meet you 8D


I absolutely adore your gallery, I think you have some very strong pieces that show how talented you are!  :loves:  :loves: 

My favourites signatures are +this, +this, +this -- on the first one I adore the contrast between monochrome/colour and its composition! On the second, the texture use and the text are to die for, not to mention that colouring && the third is just so creative, urgggh. <3


My favourite banners are +this and +this -- I think their composition is fantastic and the text and colouring are really great and in general, they're really amazing pieces n____n

Although, I do think all of your banners are really pretty *O*


Your icons I absolutely adore - the colouring, the textures and the cuts - they're stunning!  :loves: 


My favourite chapter images are +this and +this! I love how amazingly creepy the first one looks and the way you can use anime on graphics is just amazing n____n


I do generally love your gallery! I think you're quite amazing >DDD  :yes: 

I do think, however, there are some graphics that let you down (as in, they're not as strong as your newest pieces) but I think you're finding more of your style and it's coming through really well!

Another point I would make is don't be afraid to mess around with text (shadowing, lighting, different colours, bold outlines!) because I think it's one of your strong points in some graphics and then in others your weak point. (If that makes any sense!)


Anyway, you have a beautiful gallery and I can't wait to see more of your pretty work! I'll make sure to stalk >D  :dumbles: 

~ Mafee.

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#42 catharsis


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Posted 13 March 2015 - 04:36 AM

Congrats on the promo! :D You really deserve it. Your graphics are fantastic! <3 The fist banner and the Lost Stars signature are gorgeous! 

-- crystal moccasins, bionic cheese --

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#43 blob.

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Posted 14 March 2015 - 02:17 AM

Congrats on the promo! So well deserved, and you have improved so, so much! :queen:

My favourite is the last chapter image. It is original and it works well :D

~y'all can call me Marie~

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blob. blob. blob. by The Amazing Enigma

#44 eons.



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Posted 14 March 2015 - 12:40 PM

I reply, then I delete. One was on purpose, the other accidental :cry:


@Esmee Hi! I'm really glad you like my tiny baby gallery :sean: And I'm super happy that you think my sigs are nice-- they're my least favourite to make :P Contrast is a problem I'll always have,  it seems-- at first, I had too little, now I have to much :headdesk: Anyways, thank you for dropping by! <3


@Gabe Hey there! I'm thrilled that you master of amazing comp like my composition, thank you! I'm not really sure what colour balance layers are-- time to investigate :sean: Thanks for the love!


@Mafee <3 Mafee! Congrats on the promo, first off :) All those compliments-- I'm dying here :loves:  Thank you so much! I'm slightly obsessed with anime really like my cartoons, so the second I heard that you could make graphics with them-- well. A cleanout is in the near future :caren: and I'll definitely try and be more creative with my text (though it scares me a lot more than it should :P). Thank you for dropping by, love! <3


@Daisy Thank you!! :hug:


@blob. You're very sweet, thank you! :wub:


meena, pm first

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#45 kate.



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Posted 15 March 2015 - 12:18 AM

Just stopping by to give your gallery a good stare  :creepy: I'm bowing up to you in the bow-up challenge

and I needed to get inspired. Can I just say how awesome it is you have so many graphics with

animated characters - they look awesome! So I'm gonna go run off and screencap some AoT episodes

so I can make some graphics with animated characters too!


They probably won't turn out half as good as yours but I'm going to try anyways. You've inspired me  :wub:


- kate

formerly 365daysdone & 365kate. 



#46 sail boat

sail boat

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Posted 16 March 2015 - 12:54 AM

Hey!! Congrats on your promo first of all, I'm here to do your gallery cleanout! <3 beautiful work!


Icons: I like both sets of icons so I don't think either should go :3 my advice, however, would be to make more >D MORE ICONS :sean:

Chapter Images: I'd suggest cleaning out this and this. The first because it's just not as good as your other ones and the second because it's really blurry, which can be a very stylish thing to do, but it seems almost too blurry.

Sigs and Sets: This and this. I think both are really lovely but just not as interesting as your other sigs/sets. I like the concept of both, but I think your other sigs (especially "a sky full of stars", "we are stardust" and "lost stars" I think those are your best :D I sense a star theme :P)

Banners: These are by far your best graphics :D lovely banners. My absolute favorite graphics in your whole gallery are "Wren" and "Finding Lily" I love your coloring on both and think their comps are really good. But onto the cleanout - I like all 4 of your banners and I don't think you should take out any of them

anddd Blends - keep your avatar blend! I think it's awesome! :D


sooo there you have it! Your graphics are so so so lovely!!




Edited by sail boat, 16 March 2015 - 11:26 PM.



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#47 scarecrow


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Posted 17 March 2015 - 04:03 PM

Congrats on the promo! It's really well deserved. You've got a really nice style starting to emerge and I like the way you use textures. :) Your banners and soft and beautiful and you have some really creative signatures.

hi my name is kelly and and i have a new gallery
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#48 floralprint


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Posted 16 April 2015 - 10:35 PM

hey, Meena! again, apologies for the wait, stuff kept coming up!
woooow, there's so much more new stuff in here, you've improved like crazy! :drop:
I'm going to touch on your strengths and weaknesses, and I'll try not to write a novel :P
first off, I think your blending is great, keep that up! I love your texture use, I'm going to guess you like them the most ^_^ In terms of people and text, I think composition is a strong point, despite that you've listed it as a weakness. it's awesome that you're experimenting with many different fonts and text styles :loves:
I did notice some inconsistencies with your backgrounds (bases). in this for example, the pictures on either end are outside pics of a house with a bit of sky, and then in the middle there's arched ceilings from the inside. the flow of the graphic can get disrupted when the images to the left and right of a person are different. A stock tip I received once was to be careful about mixing outside pics with inside pics for that very reason.
another piece of advice I can think of is to be cautious about transparent faces. this is so cute and I love the composition of it, but the face in the background really throws me off, especially with the striped white line going through her.
a further example of inconsistency would be in your header, this. It's definitely a favorite of mine, (the texture use is adorable! :loves: :edward: :dumbles:) but I think it would be stronger without the black/grey smoke cloud on the right of it. the image is so bright and happy that it seems out of place.
this sig has a lot going on with the text, and there is a bit of a focal point issue because of that. make sure that you don't go overboard with how many fonts you use, it can be distracting sometimes.
I think you could use a cleanout and tidy up your chapter images and banners sections :)
my absolute favs are your Lost Stars sig and your Golden Glow banner (great text, but watch out for their differing skin tones, one girl is much more red than the other. if using textures try to erase some off of the people if necessary) But I stared at those for so long, they're so lovely!!! :wub: :wub: Also, akdjlhgh; i'm going to steal the monochrome from your chapter image, it's gorgeous :queen:
your gallery is looking soooo good, my advice is to keep working on making sure things match (coloring, stock pics, text, skin tones) so that the image will stay consistent! ^_^
I hope that this helped a little bit, I'm super amazed at the work you've been putting into your graphics! :hug:
-ashley :loves:

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#49 Asphodelic



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Posted 21 April 2015 - 12:23 AM

Hey Meena!
I know I am late on this, but I'm happy that you made Junior! :)
You've made some progress! I see you'll reach far! :D
One thing I strongly suggest is a gallery cleanout! ^_^ You have a few amazing graphics that surpasses your old ones, and keeping them will only hold them back.
The second and fourth Chapter Images have a lower image quality to them. The one with Karen - the cutting around her is a bit jagged like a broken glass, thus she doesn't blend in to the CI well. For the fourth CI... while the grungy look is cool - you have more shinier - soft smooth looking graphics that makes the fourth CI stand out or doesn't fit in your gallery. :pirate:
The two first signatures and the fourth one should go because the best ones I see in the signature section is the third, fifth, sixth, and seventh signature. I mean! Incredibly shiny! I love the coloring and lighting on them. :wub:
Omg! :drop: Your banners are incredible! A definite step up! The coloring and the lighting again! Gah! Just so dang gorgeous! <3 <3 <3 I'd love to see those in the banner challenge over at HPFF! :loves:
I recommend you getting rid of the fifth banner. The image quality again isn't up to par with the rest of your banners. The text is also hard to read. Be careful of that. ;)
Oh! I love, love, love your Avatar graphic and DA Digest header! :hearts:
Keep it up! You're doing really great!

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#50 ethereal*

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Posted 07 May 2015 - 07:26 AM

Hello there,

just stopped by to tell you how much I love your sigs and CIs.

this+ one is so amazing!

keep up the great work,




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​previously VampireWeekend 

#51 eons.



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Posted 25 May 2015 - 03:34 PM

eek you guys are all too awesome :loves:


@Kate  Aww, thank you! <3 Yes AoT :sean: I'm gonna dig up that challenge to see how your entry looks later, I'm sure it's amazing just like you! :glomp: I'm glad to have inspired you, but no no Kate you are queen and I am a lowly serf in comparison :worship:


@Meggie Thank you so so much, that graphic is lovely! :loves: I took out some stuff according to the cleanout, your advice was über-helpful!


@Kelly Thanks for dropping by! I'm glad you can see style-- I just see passing phases :P


@Ash Don't worry about a thing, your critique was super-constructive so thank you for that! :wub:  I'll be more conscious about consistency, promise :hug:


@Alishya Thanks so much for the crit! <3 I took your advice and took some stuff out/tried to stick some more to soft shininess ;) 


@Maya  You and my sister are name twins! :P Thank you for the compliment, it means the world to me <3

meena, pm first

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#52 lionheart


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Posted 26 May 2015 - 03:31 PM

hi meena!


wow, your stuff is getting so good! i always meant to comment in here, but i never did :( but anyway, that basically means i've been a stalker and so i can really tell how you've improved :P

i really love +this, it's absolutely gorgeous! plus lana del bae (amirite? lol i'm so funny (i wish))

i also really love the last four banners you have, they're amazing! bright colours are another lot of my baes, so i love those :P

i greatly admire your gif making skills, and +this AH-MAZING minimalist poster <3

you're doing really really well, but in general i'd say be mindful of text choice and placement, and also that image quality doesn't bring down the whole look of a graphic. +this for example, has a very cool composition, but clara looks kind of grainy, which negatively impacts the sig.

on the whole however, you've got a lot of really lovely stuff, and i can totally see a style developing, which is great! :P



kan x

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#53 eons.



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Posted 26 May 2015 - 09:24 PM

@Kan Hello, Kan! First off, congrats on the promo, your graphics are amazing :yes: Oooh, a stalker? o.O Not anymore, though :P Thank you for the kind words-- and you're totally right, though, lana is a total goddess :loves: I'm so glad you like the poster, it was an experiment that I'm actually happy with :P Text is still a big weakness, and I'll def be more careful about image quality now-- both are a bit scary :ermm:  BUT I MUST LEARN TO FACE MY FEARS:berserk:  Thanks so much for dropping by, love! :wub: 

meena, pm first

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#54 page thirteen.

page thirteen.

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Posted 02 June 2015 - 09:38 AM

Hiii Meena! I'm sorry about the wait but fortunately I am now here with your critique~ We'll just get started right away ^_^ So you put your weaknesses as consistency, image quality and text, so I'll start there. And I know you asked for harsh crit, but I'm secretly a small child who gets alarmed at the thought of being rude, so I'll be honest, but probably not that harsh :P

image quality/contrast
Putting these together because they feel right~ I'm 100% certain that you use HQ images already, so I'm not gonna get into that in terms of image quality- it's evident in certain graphics that that's fine. However, I see you use a lot of light textures (?) to colour and make your bases, and while that's fine, I think that's what's making your graphics seem LQ and undercontrasted. Fooor example, take a look at +this - in it, the blacks are black, the whites are white (there are exceptions to this, but when you're undercontrasted or making the whites a different colour, it should always be a stylistic choice :P ) nothing is pixellated, and your composition on it, btw, is great! Compare that to +this - it's very hard to see anything because everything is that uniform yellow colour- I know you were going for floaty, but your graphics look a lot better when you actually work with what the background gives you already like +here. Equally, too much contrast can lead to an overexposion problem where the whites are too white (I know, it's like you can't win with these things?), like in your +header, her features are almost non-existent because of the colouring, which is v unfortunate. Buuuut I see you work better with larger graphics, so it's clearly time for a new header ;) You're using elements (me too!), I see, so I would recommend the following few tips. First, if there's not enough contrast, make a black-to-white gradient map layer and set it to luminosity; this will add lighting without ruining your colouring. If your whites are too sharp, use a levels layer and slide the right-side slider on 'output' to the left- this will darken up the graphic a bit and bring some of the colouring back (if that explanation was too weird, lemme know, and I'll give you a screencap to explain :'D ). Mostly, I think your image quality concerns are pretty well-spotted (it's always good to spot these things for yourself, I think, because then you know you can look out for it). I'd recommend a cleanout too, because things like +this are significantly weaker than say, +this. But yeah, in summary: watch your contrast and remember to erase those textures off faces if need be!

Everyone's big problem :') I think, for the most part, you have a pretty good grasp of fonts and what colours they should be, but have a bit of a problem with placement. For example, +here, the text goes over Bigger Felicity's chin, which makes the image look, idk, squashed? It's a composition thing, I think, but for the most part, you should be aiming not to cover chins, and keep text- in CIs, sigs, and banners- in the lower two thirds of the graphic- the placement in that CI, for example, makes the eye go up and off the CI, when you should be aiming to keep the eyes focused enough to notice Tiny Felicity (does that make sense?). You have a similar problem +here, where the text is high and that stops the viewer from looking at most of the graphic (as a note, most people's eyes will go to the brightest spots on the graphic first, and then the text- your job, as the graphics maker, is to keep the text flowing as part of the graphic~ ). Also watch out for the text being too far from the focal point +here; you do a better job with text on your later graphics like +here. Text is kind of difficult, and for the most part, it can't really be.. taught? You pick it up by eye. But what I used to do before I got too lazy was I'd open my empty canvas and make a new layer; then doodle where the people would go (I did very stylish stick figures) and the text, etc and then I had a good idea how the composition would go- this'd be good for you, because when you leave space for the text in the right place like +here, it works a looot better overall for the graphic. So yes, for this: watch placement, and remember the rule of thirds!

texture use/depth
IDK how to even phrase this but we shall try. I think when you use textures heavily like you do, you have an issue with depth, maybe? Look at +this, for example where you used a lot of textures, but in small amounts, and there are bits of cut out textures, colours (red and green) present across the graphic in equal amounts, etc - it's a very strong piece. +Here, however, because the background is a pretty uniform orange and there are just two hard-cut girls and some text, the banner lacks depth. Vee wrote a fantastic tutorial +here that I'd definitely recommend reading and making notes on, because she says it better than I can. But in essence, when you're working with textures, try to use a multitude of colours- not like, the entire rainbow (LOL imagine that) but two or three, rather than one uniform colour; it'll help keep your graphics interesting without forcing you into the world of stock :P

You've got a great gallery, and you really shine when you don't follow trends- your strongest graphics are those where you've thought about text and texture placement. Getting to senior is kind of a difficult jump because you have to do everything you're doing now- but more of it; your technical skills really need to top notch to get there. I think, for you, you need to work on your colouring (contrast!!) and getting some kind of depth with your textures in order to make it to the next level. I, uh, tried to be harsh and honest, but if you're left in tears, I'm so sorry. D:

But mostly, I hope that helped a bit ^__^ If you've any questions or anything, just PM me - I'll do whatever I can to help :3

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