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Pictures in the Clouds & Fields of Paper Flowers04.04.2016

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#91 miss atomic bomb

miss atomic bomb

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Posted 03 April 2016 - 07:59 PM

vashti! congrats! you've improved so much since I was last in here. i'm absolutely in awe of +this banner, and +this manip is super cool. your banner comp in general is great also. make more things pls <3 cat


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#92 choobacca


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Posted 03 April 2016 - 08:18 PM

Vashti. what can i say. here you are in the senior section, so well deserved, so amazing and wonderful and talented and fantastic. i am SO SO SO beyond happy for you. you deserve this so much. your contributions to TDA are unmatched. you are such a special presence here and i am so happy to call you my friend  :hug: enjoy your new blue <3



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#93 Antiquity

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Posted 03 April 2016 - 10:14 PM

Okay look Vashti your whole gallery is awesome and imma let myself finish but those drawings are like the coolest things I've seen of all time! 


^Me trying/failing to do a Kanye impression to illustrate how amazed I am at those digital paintings^ Seriously, what? Can I pay you to be my art tutor? 




You're always such a lovely, friendly person around the forums and I'm so happy for you :hug: Beautiful gallery, super well deserved promo. Congrats!

#94 ferlybadinage


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Posted 03 April 2016 - 11:18 PM

Thank you all so much! I am literally in a state of disbelief as I did not expect this at all (especially after feeling like I had a really poor month graphics wise... apparently not!)

All of you are too amazing and too kind and I love you all okay? I will edit this comment with individual replies when I wake up (it is like gone 5am now and I am a bit sleepy!)

Thank you again ♥

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#95 Guest_apsara._*

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Posted 03 April 2016 - 11:30 PM



huge HUGE HUGEEE congrats on the promo! I toootalyy knew you'd get it! I'm so proud of you, and happy for you! make more graphics, and keep being awesome!

love you to the moon and back <3



#96 beyond the rain

beyond the rain

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Posted 05 April 2016 - 01:32 PM

vashti i'm here again, and with another promo gift! 

well done on the promo lovely! 


// hey i'm bex // MY TUMBLR (M) // semi available - PM first //  that's all (M)


#97 ClearPlastic



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Posted 10 April 2016 - 08:37 AM

Hey Vashti, here for your critique!


So you mentioned being in a rut - honestly, I think we all get in creative ruts at some point or another. I had loads of ruts in between getting promoted between ranks, generally just me not being sure where I was going style-wise, feeling like my improvement had plateaued, feeling like nothing I was making was good at all. I can promise you that you will get past these ruts, and the only way to get past them (as I've found) is to keep making stuff. Even if you feel totally uninspired, I usually just push through and it will 100% get to a point where everything just kind of falls into place for you. I didn't really "find" my style until I became a grad - and by then I had sort of fallen into the strong red/orange/blue/cyan coloring as my signature style. 


Based on first impressions I'd say that technically speaking your graphics don't really have any massive issues. I don't see a glaring problem with blending, coloring, or text. For me, your gallery seems a bit inconsistent. There are some things here that are straight up stunning, and some other things that just aren't as good. I'd say your chapter images are your weakest section. The text in the first CI is so beautiful and creative, but the images used look a bit LQ and blurry. The second dance CI has some beautiful comp, but again I think the LQ-ness is dragging it down as a whole. Text looks a bit pixelly, and the background images don't look very sharp. Also, because your other sections are so much stronger, it almost looks like your CIs were made by a different person. I'd say make more CIs, and make more icons too. There's not too many icons so I feel I can't really comment on them, but again I also feel like your icons aren't as good as the rest of your gallery.


On a whole, your banners are like, amazing. I love how different and varied they are, and they ALL have such interesting, unique comp. Don't feel like I'm looking at the same thing twice, feels like as an artist you're showing me your artistic range. The comp in the speechless banner is stunning, and I love the super strong orange colors in the Fire banner. Moving on to your signatures, all your sigs are also incredibly strong. My favourite is definitely the Pride and Prejudice one because oh my goodness :wub: everything about that is perfect. Love the coloring and especially love the text, the soft pink with the dotted texture works so well and complements the graphic perfectly. Love love LOVE it. To me that looks like it could belong in a grad or staff gallery. The shine like sun beams sig on top is crazy beautiful too. The soft monochrome suits the mood fantastically, and I'm in awe at how you managed to fit 4 people in without making it look cluttered. So, on a whole, your sigs are great to me. On to your blends - not really enough of them to make any deeper analysis, but the wolf manip is super well done, and I love the creativity behind the heart blend. The colors in it look a tad oversaturated (some pixelly bits on her cheek) but otherwise it's a lovely addition to your gallery.


Overall, I'd say definitely make more icons and CIs :) to round out your gallery a little bit better. Some image quality issues here and there, but nothing too bad. Love how you're experimenting so much, so keep on doing that. 


Feel free to PM if you have any questions, and I hope I helped!

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hi, i'm eggie and i'm semi-available, please pm for requests!

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#98 ferlybadinage


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Posted 11 April 2016 - 06:42 AM

Hey Eggie!

Thank you so much for your helpful critique ♥ definitely feel like there is a lot I can take from that, and I really do intend to make more graphics soon (was going to have a graphicky weekend but ended up being sick, blergh). I haven't made new icons in ageesss, but need to make some for a battle anyway, so hopefully that might spark some motivation ^_^ and CIs are evil. I need to just get over my hatred of them and try and make some semi-decent ones!

Thanks for all your lovely compliments ♥ so, so kind (definitely not just inflated my ego massively!) ^_^ it means a lot, and you have definitely motivated me to make new things.

You really have helped, and I appreciate it so much! Thank you ♥

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#99 klutzy_kara


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Posted 19 April 2016 - 03:21 PM

Hi Vashti, it's Kara here with your critique! Super sorry about the wait! xo
- Strengths: Composition & creativity. I know that you listed these as two weaknesses for you, but I honestly don't see them that way! While everyone always has room to improve on these areas, I think you're doing a really good job, particularly with the creativity piece. I like that all your banners are very unique - from each other and from other artists. +This is my favorite. The composition is super interesting - I love the way you cut and placed your people. It definitely helps to create depth, and I absolutely love the coloring! It's gorgeous. I also like the comp 'Fire' and 'Quiet Thing' and the way the characters on the banner point towards the text. They're lovely.  
- Weaknesses: Text & image quality. Generally speaking, I think your text could just use a little bit more diversity. You seem to stick to the serif fonts a lot for your titles, but my favorite text is actually in the 'Speechless' banner, with its use of a script font! This is more of a personal preference as I'm biased towards script-y fonts myself, but it never hurts to experiment a bit more and try some new things :-) I think they fit in pieces like 'Fire' and 'Quiet Thing' but I feel it's less fitting for 'July' and a little hard to read with the placement in the 'Good Day' banner. Image quality is a bit hard to comment on because things often look better in Photoshop than when uploaded. I think 'Fire' and 'Quiet Thing' could benefit from a litttttle bit more sharpening, for example, but that's nitpicky. My main concern would be in the 'July' banner where I think the shadows on Emma and Rupert are a bit off, too dark in some places (particularly with Emma's whole neck which gets lost). This tutorial +here has some advice to balancing out some shadows with the dodge tool and darkening other places with burn. Or perhaps just be careful when coloring, if that's the issue.
- Overall: I think these are really excellent. I applaud your creativity & experimentation and I'm excited to see more. Your issues here are very minor. Keep experimenting with text, try some new things out, and just be wary about image quality.
I absolutely love the first set - the coloring is so gorgeous! Love the rustic feel. It's hard to make stock icons interesting, but you definitely! I'd love to see you make some more. I'm not sure about the color overlays on the second set in the squares. I think your coloring is usually much stronger than that and I think you could do better. I'd love to see you experiment with text/icon textures on some in the future, but I think solid cuts and coloring stand out too like you did in the first set!
Chapter Images 
- Strengths: Composition. Your focal points are very nice and I like the way everything is laid out. I've always found chapter images to be a bit awkward, so I give you major props for pulling these off. I really like the pose of the girl in the second chapter image and how she's reaching towards the tree and your text. 
- Weaknesses: Image quality/coloring. Again, I'd really be careful with your shadows and try to do a little more image prep before you start to color, because things can get a bit wonky. I think your reds are a little too strong in places, like in Harry's hair and Slughorn's face. It's hard when the images themselves aren't great quality, but I think it would benefit from a bit of dodge tool in the shadows or brightening overall to make it look a bit less murky, if you know what I mean. I feel like the tree area in the second one is nice, but might benefit from a bit of complimentary shadows to balance out all the red, which you can read about in Vanya's tutorial +here, if you haven't already. 
- Overall: Not as strong as your banners, but your composition skills are still on point and you continue to show off your creative and diverse style, which is what I honestly consider the hardest parts to graphic making, so seriously massive props to you! I'd love to see more of these from you in the future - just be careful with your shadows/overcoloring! The text on these fit very well with the graphic I thought too so good job there :-)
- Not doing a strengths and weaknesses here, because I feel like I'd be repeating myself too much, as it's the same as above! I'm still in awe of your comp and creativity and want to caution you about shadows/image quality. +This signature is my favorite. It might benefit from a littttle bit of contrast, but I love how soft it is, the text is perfect, the comp is lovely, and it's just a very aesthetically pleasing piece! I'd recommend removing +this one because the comp and & text is a bit murky so there isn't much of a focal point and I just think your others are much better. Be careful with the Snape sig. His neck and eyes get a bit lost in the shadows and I definitely think he'd benefit from being more brightness, as well as Remus, as they're a bit murky (but I love the comp & placement of vine things a lot!). The second sig is the opposite - perhaps a bit too bright, and might benefit from a little darkening in the shadows to get more of a balance, but for the most it's fine :-) Definitely a lovely place with great comp! The third is a great balance. I adore the coloring, it's absolutely gorgeous!! 
- Overall: These are great. You incorporate a lot of people into your signatures and banners, which is definitely an admirable feat. You have lovely comp skills, as I've said several times now, but I really mean it. So just be careful with your image quality and keep making more killer sigs! 
The blend is really really cool. I love the idea behind it and the use of invert is very creative and well done. The only suggestion I'd have is to potentially move the text to the top of the head as I feel like it detracts from the focal point all the way over there, but overall, it's super cool. I've always struggled with blends myself so I give mad props to anyone who can make use of all that ridiculous amounts of space! Your manipulations are legitimately flawless so I have no constructive criticism there! The first one is especially shiny and super realistic and I'm in awe! Your drawings are absolutely killer too that I couldn't possibly pick a favorite, but I might have to go with the Bowie one because the colors are just sooo attractive and the drawing is so well done! But they're all seriously dope and I've got a soft spot for the Audrey Hepburn one. 
Overall, you're slaying the game, Vashti. Everything in here is so unique. I've always been one to struggle with making basic things that have nothing too wrong technically but are just plain boring so the fact that you're already flying through the ranks and coming up with new, innovative, and Vashti-style graphics all the time is something to be most proud of. I think that you'd really benefit from just picking higher quality images because they cause more problems than they're usually worth, as you don't have image problems when you use more HQ photos. If you're feeling like a rut, just download some new things and do your best to pull through! Ironic coming from me, as I'm in the biggest rut of the century lololol, but I really do think you're on a great path with no major issues or concerns. Just a few things here and there! I can't wait to see more from you!
PM me if you have any questions! Sorry again about the wait, I hope this is at least a little helpful to you! xo
((also sry no sass just me rambling for ages and ages and ages forgive me))

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i'm kara and i'm klutzy, obviously

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#100 kitcath

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Posted 27 April 2016 - 07:07 AM

Omg Vashti coming back to you being such an incredile senior is awesome!!

I love love love your gallery, how can you be so good at sigs? Like +this one is incredible. So, so proud of you! And these manips are so neat! I love it when you work large canvas :)

And your CIs are literally glowing! I'm grinning stupidely over the fact that +your text is still so inventive <3 


Also +this banner:drop: I have no words now :P


I may edit later with a promo gift! If I ever find my so-called skills back that is ;)

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Rohini (apsara) made me this beautiful set! :loves:

#101 archer.



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Posted 09 July 2016 - 05:17 PM

You have such a great gallery and amazing illustrations. I also saw me and you are basically veterans to TDA since we've been since HPFF formed and TDA was brand new. Glad to see a vet of tda around again.

Angie is Available 



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#102 ferlybadinage


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Posted 11 July 2016 - 04:20 PM

Thank you so much, Angie! It's nice to see other TDA oldies around here :P I can't believe I've been here 10 years... it seems like only yesterday!

I'm going to come and stalk your gallery now!

Thanks for the love ^_^

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