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Help Topic: Promotions

Standard Promotions
Promotions are a pretty big part of TDA and they happen relatively often. Almost monthly, a member of our administrative team will make a post in the Notices from the Admin section letting you know the exact dates of any given promotion. From there, you should probably take a look at our preparing for a promotion opportunity thread to get a good idea of what we look for and how to get ready for it.

If you think you're ready to be promoted to the next user group, check the Notices From the Admin section for notices as to when the admins will be checking the galleries. Only galleries updated after the first of the previous month will be looked at (ie: for January promotions, the gallery must be updated after December 1st, etc.).

The mechanics of getting promoted after that are pretty basic. You will be given seven days notice to prepare for the promotion opportunity and get your gallery updated with the best graphics you have. Your post count, seniority with the site and activty on the board will not be taken into consideration during evaluations. From there, the members who we've chosen to promote will have their galleries and status bumped up. The entire process - from preparation to execution of the final promotions - takes about 7 days.

Nominations work the same way that a standard promotion does. When promotions are announced, the promotions application thread will be started and, while you are posting your own name for promotion, you will be allowed to nominate one other person. Simply fill out the form the same for them as you would anyone else.

There are a few notes and addendums to that, however. First, you only need to nominate someone once. Having a person nominated four times isn't going to increase their likelyhood of being promoted - in fact, it will really only serve to annoy us while we try to scroll through as many galleries as we can as quickly as we can. Also, you should only nominate someone if you believe they are sincerly ready for a promotion. Remember, putting someone up there on the promotion block is scary and they may not have nominated themselves because they don't believe their ready. If you sincerly believe that they're ready to be promoted, by all means, nominate them but try to have some regard for their feelings when doing so and try not to put people out there who are only going to be knocked around - its mean tongue1.gif

Members Choice Promotions
Because we, the admins, know that we're not perfect and because we want to make certain that everyone gets a fair shake, every month at the close of our regular promotion period, every site member - artists, requestors and skulkers alike - are allowed to submit their three top choices for Member Artists and Junior Artists they would like ot see promoted. The voting rules will be addressed below but, in the spirit of brevity, at the end of the voting period, the votes are all added up and the Member Artist and Junior Artist with the highest number of votes is promoted to the next status. You may not submit Senior Artists to be promoted to Staff Artists.

Technically, the way that it works is thus: Admins recieve entries that look like this

1. joe-bob
2. jimmy-jean
3. sammy-rae

1. dixie-lee
2. susan
3. jane doe

People listed next to the 1's recieve three points each. People listed second recieve two points each and people listed third recieve one point each.

Member Choice Rules
1. Voting must take place during the designated time period as listed in a post in the Notices from the Admins section.

2. You must provide three members and three junior artists.

3. This seems obvious but, just in case, the person must have a gallery that is currently posted and has been updated in the last thirty days.

4. Your entries should be ranked. The first listed being the person you most want to be promoted, the second person being the one you want promoted second most, etc....