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Help Topic: Questions on Usernames/Accounts

How can I change my username?

You picked it, you live with it.

No, seriously. That's all there is. There are occasional and legitimate reasons for having your username changed. If you happen to run into one of those scenarios, PM an administrator to have your name changed. Do not PM them every two days for a month if they don't change your user name. Do not PM every admin to get your username changed. If it hasn't been changed, the admin in question must have felt that it was for a valid reason.

1. You misspelled something.
2. You registered with the wrong user name (i.e., you want to have your name changed to your exact HPFF username or the name you use at another graphics forum)
3. You are being e-stalked by someone and have had all of your screennames changed/Your parents have asked you to change your username because they aren't comfortable with it's content/etc...

Can I have more than one username/account?

No. Dark Arts policy is very strict about that one. If you are discovered to have multiple usernames all accounts will be deleted without warning. You may reregister, but if you are found in violation of this rule again, you will be permanently banned from these forums. It's in your best interest not to test this one out.

We prohibit multiple accounts because people use them to artificially inflate their status on the boards - requesting graphics on both accounts to circumvent rules regarding how many requests you can have in a certain area, taking advantage of the ability to vote twice in challenges, commenting in their own galleries with a seperate account to bump them, etc...

Duplicate accounts are traced by IP address, e-mail addresses, account details and, periodically, we will team up with fellow graphics sites to determine a duplicate account holder.