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Gallery Rulesfor all artists

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Posted 31 July 2014 - 04:53 PM

Posting a Gallery


  • Post your gallery for review in THIS forum
  • Add the date of your last update in the topic description
  • Make sure there is a credit list included in your gallery
  • You'll need a minimum of 5 posts to be accepted as Member Artist
  • If an Admin or Moderator has not reviewed your gallery within 2 days, you can send them a PM.
  • Post a gallery once you have a sufficient amount of graphics (minimum of 5)
  • Only post a gallery if you are using or are in possession of a graphics program. This do NOT include Paint, Photobucket or online banner-makers. [ see this topic for more info ]

Once your gallery has been accepted

Do's and Don't's

  • Whenever you update your gallery, change your last update date. This is important for promos as we do not look at galleries that have not been updated in the previous month.
  • Post any images that don't comply with the 15+ rule (here) under a link with a warning. 
  • Post tutorial based graphics in your gallery or in challenges
  • When commenting on other galleries, don't spam. 


What can I do as a new Member Artist?
  • You can enter challenges, either in the general area or in the rank-specific challenges if they are marked for Member Artists.
  • You can fill Member Artist requests.
  • You are also eligible for promotions.
When can I apply for a promotion?
There is no need for an application. The admins go through all of the galleries updated in the last month.
How can I get promoted?
Your gallery will be reviewed by an Admin. Please find [this] topic to see what the requirements per rank are and to find some general guidelines on how to prepare your gallery for a promotion. Also:

  • Know The Difference Between A Variety & Everything You've Ever Made When you're just getting started, you may be compelled to post everything you've ever made - and thats OK, but if you don't really like it, you shouldn't post it. Remember, you can only have 50 images in any given gallery, so at some point you will run into the barrier. When you're new, no one expects you to have fifty images. If you only have one or two signatures that you think are really good, you should post only those few that you like rather than posting a bunch of things you don't think are your best work.
  • Be Organized Just like we tell the artists who have been around the block a little bit more, order helps. Whether you organize your gallery by type (avatar, banner, etc...) or style (grungy stuff, light texture stuff, clean stuff, etc..) you should organize things somehow. It makes it easier for everyone.
  • More helpful tips and tricks to make the best of your gallery can be found in the Gallery Design & Organization topic.

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