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Using the Critique Corner

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Posted 30 July 2014 - 05:52 PM

Using the Critique Corner!

Welcome to the Critique Corner user guide
For a more in-depth guide on writing and receiving critique, please refer to the Tips and Guidelines for the Critique Corner+.

Critique Corner Do's and Don't's


  • Do be polite. 
  • Do be constructive when offering critique. If you're pointing out an area for improvement, do so in a way that tells the artist how to improve. For example, instead of saying 'this banner is too dark', make it constructive by adding 'but you could make it lighter with a light texture set to screen'.
  • Do keep in mind the artist's rank and how long they have been making graphics when giving critiqueIf an artist has only been making graphics for a short amount of time, then they may still be concentrating on the basics of graphic-making and therefore you might like to focus your critique on a key skill and how to improve this. If you are unsure how to give an artist critique in a constructive way, please click here+ for tips.
  • Do post in the Completed Critique thread here+ if you'd like your topic closed.** A mod will then remove it for you.
  • Do remember that if a thread in the 'Story, Forum, Blends and Other ' or 'Help Me Choose' sections has not been posted in for 7 days, a mod will remove the topic.** If your thread has disappeared, this is why! 


  • Don't spam critique topics. Spamming means to post unrelated, unnecessary or very short posts (for example 'nice graphics!' or 'I love Supernatural too!'). 
  • Don't bump critique topics. Bumping means double-posting (instead, please edit your post by clicking 'edit' in the bottom-right of your post) or posting 'randomly' (for example, a post saying 'Please give me critique!' is considered bumping).
  • Don't double-post. Instead, please use the 'edit' button at the bottom-right of your post if you want to add anything more.
  • Don't demand critique. Everyone at TDA is lovely - you will receive critique when you post a thread, even if it takes a few days or longer.
  • Don't take everything as negative criticism. Sometimes, when receiving critique on your work, it's easy to think people are being negative about your graphic. Please remember, they are only trying to help (of course, if anyone is impolite, please PM a Critique Corner or Staff Moderator).
  • In 'A Place to Squee!', don't 'squee' a graphic that has already been 'squee'd'! If you see something you love but someone else has 'squee'd' it before you, you may of course comment on how awesome the graphic is but please don't post the actual graphic again. This is because posting a graphic takes up the artist's bandwidth, and image hosting sites usually have a maximum monthly limit.
  • Don't post any more than 2 topics in each subsection at a time** (for example 2 in story/forum/blends/other graphics, 2 in help me choose).
  • Don't post more than one YBW poll thread at a time.**

DO's and DON'T's marked with 2 stars (**) apply only to the Story/Forum Graphics, Blends and More and 'Help Me Choose' sections. 


 Sections of the Critique Corner

The Critique Corner is split into the sections outlined below - each section focuses on a different area of critique.

Story, Forum, Blends and Other Graphics Section:

In the 'Story, Forum, Blends and Other Graphics' section you can ask for critique with a specific graphic in mind - if you have a banner, chapter image, signature, blend... any type of graphic that you'd like some help with, then this is the section for you!

Technique Based Q&A

In the 'Technique Based Q&A' section you can post a topic for any sort of technique question you may have. A higher-ranked artist, or anyone who thinks they may be able to help out, can reply to the topic. This is not a one-on-one graphic critique, but rather a way to seek help for a specific technique.


Help Me Choose:

In the 'Help Me Choose' section, start a poll asking the your fellow TDA-ers which graphic they prefer, what you should choose as your 'Your Best Work' entry, which graphics are gallery worthy, and so on.


Screening Room:

In the screening room, artists and members can offer their time to give critique to those wanting help. This critique is given in the form of a post in the recipient's gallery. This is particularly useful around promotion time!

Please click here+ for the Screening Room rules in detail.


Promotion Help:

 Here you can find lessons, helpful hints, and promotion critiques from the Staff Moderators and Admins. This is also particularly useful around promotion time!


A Place to Squee:

This is the place where members will come to 'squee' (showcase and talk about!) a gorgeous graphic by any fellow TDA-er.


Quick Critique!:

Looking for a quick way to spruce up your gallery before promotions? Looking for a clean-out, but don't want a full gallery critique? Wanting a response to something quickly? Look no further! Simply post in Quick Critique!


If you have any further questions, please feel free to send a personal message to a Staff Moderator (a full list can be found here+) or Admin (a list can be found here+or feel free to ask in the Question & Answer Center+ or the shoutbox on the main forum page   :)

If there's still any confusion, please refer to the Tips and Guidelines for the Critique Corner for more in depth details here.

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