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hasane's Photo


okay but how does one cut out a picture of person while still keeping the flyaway hairs (or fine strands or whatever)
Apr 16 2018 11:41 PM
  • cheriechapstick's Photo
    ^^ exactly! And I always use layer masks for it as well that way if it looks funny as an end result you can just add back what you need instead of starting over.
    Apr 17 2018 07:51 AM
  • nomad's Photo
    ^ layer masks are the bread and butter of hardcutting
    Apr 17 2018 10:56 AM
  • choobacca's Photo
    i feel like i'm the only one who does this but i use quick selection... it saves my life. and when you "refine edge" you can see a preview and it'll often catch the flyaways (works best for hq images tho)
    Apr 17 2018 12:29 PM