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Where to Find Pictures[updated September 2014]

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Posted 17 March 2008 - 07:11 PM

As of January 2012, links to Google Images (or those from any other search engine), Tumblr, and weheart it are forbidden. If you include them, you will be asked to replace them with other images.

Harry Potter Images

Celebrity Fansites
If you type the celebrity's name + gallery into a search engine, you will come across at least one good gallery.

Celebrity & Model Galleries

Film & Television Images (Screencaptures & Promotional Material)
Some popular television shows will have their own "fansites" for such images.

Other Images (Backgrounds, Stock, etc.)
Various TDA artists have posted their own sets of images here.


Remember that most sites do not want you to link directly to their pictures, so host them yourself! [Info on Image Hosting]

Other notes:

  • Three's company, four's a crowd. Try not to request more than five characters in one banner
  • Pictures with white backgrounds are hard to work with unless you want your banner to be light in colour
  • Pictures with cut-off faces don't look nice (unless the banner-maker can pull off a miracle)

Images you CANNOT ever use: [all banners must be PG/12+ rated]

  • nudity
  • graphic violence (including weapons)
  • graphic death (heads cut off, etc.)
  • drugs
  • alcohol (you can have empty bottles, but nothing with the actual drink name on it)

12+ Allowed Language for quotes, titles, etc.

Copyrighted Images For Requestors
how to avoid using copyrighted images in your requests

Be aware of what you are taking and from whom. Searching on Photobucket or Google for images may give you copyrighted results. Try taking these tips into account when you're making your request:

  • Allow artists to choose their own images. Just be specific about what you want on your banner.
  • When linking to a stock image, link to the page the image is on, not just the image itself.
  • If you've found the perfect image, but it's copyrighted, notify the artists of which you are using and ask them if you are allowed to use it.
  • If you are forbidden from using an image, DON'T.

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