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sashay away ♥9th december

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#1 beyond the rain

beyond the rain

    bad witch of 'north

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Posted 09 May 2015 - 03:15 PM

Loves: Old Hollywood, Judy Garland, Jessica Lange, Stevie Nicks,
Fleetwood Mac, AHS, RUPAUL'S DRAG RACE, Harry Potter, Snamione,
OITNB, Grimm, Joan Crawford, Bette Davis, Doctor Who, Grace and Frankie
and lots of other things I've probably forgotten



& thanks for stopping by!

















Chapter Images. 

image.png  image.png

image.png  image.png
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(none yet)




click here++

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#2 page thirteen.

page thirteen.

    i like superheroes and cheques with lots of zeroes on them

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Posted 09 May 2015 - 03:16 PM


I've never clicked a topic so fast in my life, phew wow that was a race. ANYWAY.

Bexxxx not only have you returned (things have been so dark in my life without you~) but girl it's like you never even left. When I saw +this sig I had emotions, bc look how soft and pretty is! That text is beautiful! Share this talent immediately!

But tbh I have always loved your colouring and +this?? Purple?? It's so pretty and well-filtered and the text is so cute. And then I saw +this sig with such vibrant colouring :O Look bex these emotions related to your gallery cannot be controlled and I'm afraid you'll need to make more immediately trufax :P

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#3 wildest dreams.

wildest dreams.

    that james dean meme dream

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Posted 15 May 2015 - 01:31 PM

Aww bex, I'm so glad to see you're back and have your gallery up (I do remember you but I don't know if you remember me, either way it's excellent you're here), I'm gonna go through everything and hopefully you'll feel a bit more confident and like you're heading in a good direction.
So you have blending down by the looks of it, I'm not gonna go over it too much. I do notice a little trouble blending in your banners, though, so just be careful when blending into stock that you don't let parts of faces fade out into the stock behind. Sometimes your softer blending does work though, like on the rose tyler sig it looks super pretty, just remember to watch yourself against more complicated backgrounds, and maybe even hardcut in those cases if necessary. As for comp, I don't think you have anything bad here in terms of comp, but I do think you need to work a little on your technique. I think your strongest examples of composition are the decode sig and the CI, they're both very pretty and seem to work seamlessly enough that I don't think you'd at all need to add to the comp at all. Right now, your weakest seem to be in your banners, especially in the last two. So while the actual concept of the comp on the othello banner isn't bad at all, I don't think it quite works with the pictures and base you've chosen. It's all too spread out and like you've focused more on trying to fit as much on as possible than making sure it looks good. So, I'd suggest on that banner in particular, taking the girl on the far right out completely, and moving the girl on the left towards the smaller text a bit, and having the small text be more compact and fit them together as part of the background while the two guys at the front are the main focal point.
Also be careful of spreading things out too much, like on the alone banner the girl and the guy look way too far apart, so your eyeline is drawn outwards more than it needs to be. With comp like that, especially with the text being so central it's usually better to keep the entire focal point within the middle. However, I would say it works better on the fairy godmother banner because you have the quote in there to balance it, but I would still, again, recommending pushing her in a little further.
The biggest thing I can ever say with comp is its all just a case of organising your images. I know it seems like a weird thing to say but it's simple and also the hardest part of graphics. So when you start with a base pick your pictures first, whether it be stock or texture, you might not end up even using all of them, and just don't be afraid to move things around even if it's by tiny amounts of pixels until they look right to you. If they don't look right, keep experimenting with your images until you're happy and don't colour or anything until you're settled on the composition. But, also don't be afraid to add things once you start colouring, if you suddenly think you need a texture or a new piece of stock try it, it'll never hurt. It's all mostly about experimentation.
As a final sidenote, I really like that last blend but just watch people where they're walking they look a bit like they're floating, and I think it could benefit from some textures to balance it out and give the base something more to balance it out.
Phew, I'm sorry that was so long but you did want me to focus on comp. If you're really still worried you can always pm me to help with that, and maybe just refresh yourself and read some of the comp tutorials that might help give you some ideas on what you're struggling with.
So, I think you have a really good colouring style, you seem to know what you're doing, but now I'd like to see something more of the colouring style that's unique to you, and how you're going to push yourself in this area to make your graphics really pop. So, I'm seeing a lot of blue and pink in your gallery, I challenge you to not use either of those colours in your next two banners/sigs/cis just to get some more variety of colour in your gallery beyond your icons. Right now I think the best example of your colouring is on your first banner – it's well contrasted, the whites aren't too much, the blues really pop and it's pretty! I'm noticing a lot of over and under contrasting going on, however, your icons and your first blend are the biggest examples of under contrasting. Adding some contrast would definitely bring out the colours more, and just make them shinier. If you want to add contrast and lighting without the contrast tool a b/w gradient map on luminosity and then on soft light would definitely help with that. While the decode sig and alone banner both seem slightly over contrasted (the whites are just slightly too bright) so I'd suggest being careful with that, maybe put your gradient maps on low opacity before you contrast or use the curves tool to balance out the whites.
If you also want to try some lighting techniques, gimp is generally rubbish with lighting, but I find putting a black – white gradient map on grain extract can often help bring out the light and shadows and give some more depth to the graphic. I do think, just occasionally, your graphics lack a bit of depth, so that might help you there.
Ahhh the worst bit. So I don't think you're bad at text at all, but I can see in some places you're having some trouble with it. While I don't think your positioning is bad, I do think you have some problems with font choices, and I'd suggest downloading a lot of fonts and experimenting with them and not always just going for what you'd consider traditionally good fonts. I think your best example of text is the first blend, the font choice and colour choice is rad while the placement is perfect and compliments the focal point. I think on the first banner, while I like the style you used, I think you need to consider the placement of the quote and perhaps rotating it to fit with the smaller girl instead of having everything in the banner leaning to the left with the smaller person alone on the right – so always just consider the way you're rotating your text in terms of where you want the eye to be directed to. Again, the positioning on the alone banner is a bit off, it could stand to be moved below her chin (remember the rule of thirds and how text should be in the bottom two thirds of the graphic) and then rotated the other way so it follows the line of the graphic and your eyeline is then finally drawn to the man. I definitely suggest placing your text early on when you do the base and the people so you can fit it in with the graphic a little more. Finally, just readability, especially on quotes, make sure the text you have is first and foremost readable – so on the othello banner and your first sig both those quotes I struggle to read because of the colour choice, so just be aware of that!
I will just add I really like the text on the decode sig it's very creative.
Weakest section
Right now your weakest section is your banners, but I know you're working on that and I've mostly covered everything I want to say about them. Your other weakest section is your Cis and my only advice there is to fill up that section a bit more and show off what you can do!
I know you've only just gotten back, so I'm not going to say much in this section, but I will let you know your weakest graphics right now and when you've done a bit more you can consider taking them out, but you're under no obligation to, of course.


Sigs - i (a tad heavy one side and similar comp to your first sig)

Icons - i (under-contrasted and not as good comp-wise as your other set)

Banners - i (under-contrasted, unreadable quote and awkward comp)

Blends - i (it's cute but needs some development)


And that's it! That's everything I have to say. I do really love some of your graphics though bex, and I can't wait to see what else you make in the future! Feel free to pm me about anything I've said and also feel free to disagree with me on stuff. I really hoped that helped, and if you ever want me to elaborate just let me know <3


- hannah

#4 jupiter

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Posted 28 May 2015 - 05:31 AM


so I've never hung out in here before but oh my gosh so glad I have! you've pretty much managed to master both stock and textures which is pretty rad ngl dont know how you do it, at first I was like ok so she's a banner gal and then i was like wait no she's acing icons too,and then i saw your sigs and blends and thought to hell with this  there has to be a limit on number of talents but you got it all! favourites have to be the 'upset' and 'insane' banner as well as that first set of icons, they're really snazy and cool, i can never be bothered to add so much texture and detail to icons and you do it so well! i hope you get promoted soon and keep making them pretties cause they're only gonna get prettier! all the best <3


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#5 beyond the rain

beyond the rain

    bad witch of 'north

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Posted 28 May 2015 - 03:51 PM

Jade - welcome to the land of first post,  :sean: I missed it here too much not to come back - I was on tumblr, and then I thought - why am I here when I could see what's going down over here....and now I'm making graphics again o.o but thank you deary <333333333333 


hannah - I do remember you! Thank you so much for the crit, I've been looking back at what you've put constantly when making graphics, especially banners and signatures, so hopefully my graphics are now going in a better direction! When I first came back I dreaded banners, but seriously with your crit I love them again, so this crit is amazing and if anyone else is reading this (why you would idk) GO GET CRIT FROM HANNAH SHE'S FAB. <3 


Sophie - hey! Thanks so much, it really means a lot coming from you, generally textures are quite scary but I've been trying to mix up my graphics a bit and try both, I'm glad to hear the combination doesn't look terrible! Right now I'm really enjoying making detailed icons, idek when that'll change but it's fun doing them right now, even if they don't look that good :D Also I see you're a fellow gimper! gimpers unite!!!! <3 again thank you so much, this really does mean a lot 



srsly thanks you guys! :wub: 

// bex  // lovely sig by saturn. // MY TUMBLR (M)

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#6 eons.



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Posted 29 May 2015 - 08:06 PM

heeey :loves: just stopping by to say i think your graphics are too cool :dumbles:<33

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meena, pm first

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#7 daredevil


    ( ͡ ͜ʖ ͡ )

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Posted 31 May 2015 - 06:41 PM




your gallery is stunning and beautiful and all things amazing <333 

your banners are my favourite; that 'insane' banner particularly! the inversion is amazing and ugh so good

your colouring and stock use is so inspiring :wub:


I'm so glad youre back! These past few weeks have been so good to you :sean: you're churning out pretties and they are amazing amazing amazingggg


can't wait to see more from you Bex! <3

love uuuu




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#8 aurora borealis

aurora borealis

    i have no idea what to put here

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Posted 03 June 2015 - 07:59 PM

Hi Bex! I'm Olivia!


I really love your stock use. Your blending looks extremely natural and I envy your skills. Teach me your ways, please.


I really, really like +this banner - it's really original.


+This signature is also gorgeous - I love the comp, the colouring, and the text (which made me laugh).


Please make more!


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#9 beyond the rain

beyond the rain

    bad witch of 'north

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Posted 04 June 2015 - 04:08 PM

meena - awww thank you, you're too sweet :wub: 


vee - i've missed you <3333 I'm anything but inspiring but I'm glad you like my stock use, i'm terrible with textures so I'm a bit more comfortable with stock images :D 


olivia - hi olivia! I really do enjoy blending, well I enjoy gradient blending - I'm not such a fan of hardcut (even though I still do it anyway) it's just picking the images that I hate doing >.< I'm glad you like that banner - it's one that I actually planned...I knew with Bellatrix I wanted to invert to show insanity, and I remembered an invert challenge of some kind from three years ago where all the entries were fab. It's something different to what I'd normally do, which is why I /really/ wanted to try it. I also enjoyed making that sig, seeing as I'm yorkshire born and bred - the text came naturally and I'm glad you find it funny :D 


srsly guys tysm I love you all :wub:  :loves:  :loves: 

// bex  // lovely sig by saturn. // MY TUMBLR (M)

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#10 abovethestars

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Posted 10 June 2015 - 11:14 PM

Wait, how come I never commented in your gallery though I've been shamelessly stalking it?!
hi, Bex! Your gallery is so lovely just like you.
I could feast on your graphics the rest of my life! Because they're so /delicious/.
I love your icon set and the Black Sisters banners. And your CIs. Gosh. Everything is so shiny and pretty and /gorgeous/.
I /adore/ the character library blend.
Basically, tell me what the rent per month is? Because I think I'm going to be staying here PERMANENTLY!

#11 Estella


    &you'll never know

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Posted 14 June 2015 - 11:00 AM

Heyyy Bex! 
Everything here is just so pretty!! How do you even comp!? Your stock use is so pretty!! My favorite thing is your DW icons, they're gorgeous. :loves:
I also love all of your manips, especially +this one. The colors are so nice. :wub:
Keep on making more pretties! :loves:

yumna is available!


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#12 floralprint


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Posted 30 June 2015 - 01:48 AM

hello, bex! feel free to send me lots of kicks for taking so long to get here..
i am here for a bit of critique, and i get to stare at your lovely gallery for the duration :sean: <3
looking through here, i am so impressed by your general utilisation of canvas space, not only do you have some pieces that are filled up, you have pieces that are simplistic as well. your comps are gorgeous, my favourite examples of this are your pride and prejudice banner (how do you fit so many people?? :drop:) this sig, and this chapter image. ALSO YOUR ICONS?? they look like tiny blends, they're so detailed!! :loves: :edward: :queen:
lighting is also a strength of yours, you've done a beautiful job of highlighting the focal point without it being distracting, this+ especially is a gorgeous example :wub:
addressing your acknowledged weak point: variety. i honestly think you have quite a strong variety when it comes to your comps and your use of both textures and stock. the only areas that begin to look monotonous are the size of your text and your colouring. both are lovely, but since your stated weak point was that you thought stuff was looking the same, i'll mention both. the majority of your text is the same size (esp in your banners), and most of your colourings indicate you favor muted shades. so keep that in mind if you're trying to go outside the box! ^_^
tbh the only other piece of critique i can think of to offer you is to be careful about overly busy canvases. in this chapter image it's almost a bit too chaotic with all of those textures, and it takes away from the comp and the colouring.
phew, this was hard not to squee EVERYTHING. you make such beautiful pieces, i've been swooning over here every time you post something else. can't wait for more! :hug:
-ash xx

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#13 wildest dreams.

wildest dreams.

    that james dean meme dream

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Posted 10 July 2015 - 08:53 AM

hello hello bex m'dear, i am back  :sean: 


sadly, this will be shorter than my previous crit because a. you've improved hella since my last one and b. i only have a few concerns. As usual you can always pm me about things and as usual you're really good so don't freak yourself out or doubt yourself. NOW we shall begin. (also feel proud i'm abandoning my usual format for you :P)




You told me that you think your weakness is cookie cutter graphics - a hilarious term as far as i'm concerned but mostly, not as much of an issue as you worry it is. I think being from way back in 2012 has given you a paralyzing fear of it. Personally, I don't think you have graphics that look so much the same that they're not a style they're just a rut, I don't see that in your graphics. You use textures, you use different comps, you use stock - you try and push yourself out of your comfort zone, and tbh, even if you did have a lot of stuff looking the same, that's really the only advice I can give you. 


However (and fortunately) I do want to push you out of your comfort zone a bit. Right now, I'm noticing a lot of very busy canvases, similar textures being used (some of which make the canvas seem more crowded) and just with your very deep colouring too, some very heavy on the eye graphics.


So, for example - here+ here+ here+ here+ and here+  All super pretty graphics - all with too much in common. Busy bases, smoke-y textures, lightning textures maybe? It draws attention away from the focal point when the bases are this busy. What I'm gonna suggest is you practice a couple things. Firstly, negative space - while I see you using it in your sigs, i don't see it in many other places - you've proved you can fit lots of people on banners and CIs, now I wanna see you try something else but without making them small, putting them at the bottom and using the smaller pictures to make up space. I also want to see you get comfortable with using stock without using these smokey textures on top of them (trust me, I know it's hard D:) but it'll make you think about the composition of your bases more and help you decrease how busy and almost messy they are (and not messy in terms of blending mind, just in terms of composition). 


The other thing I notice, which seems more of a technical sloppiness sometimes, is you putting people on canvases and then having them just fade into textures/background a lot. So here+ here+ and brighton rock+ while it can look kind of cool like it does in the sig, i'm not sure it's a habit you should fall into. While blending things into textures can look rad as heck, I would definitely suggest making sure they're not just sort of there but hidden and not really part of the comp like in the brighton rock banner (i didn't even notice it was there until I looked closer) and or just like you struggled to remove stock/textures from their faces - even if it's on a low opacity brush, I'd remove some of the texture from them usually. While it's fine to have them fade into the background, it often just looks sloppy so, as a technical note I'd just say don't rely on that when you're putting people on a graphic, the ones like this+ where no one is faded out look much cooler and neater than the ones I pointed out up there.


I do also agree with what Ashley said about the text, I'd like to see a bit more variety there too!


Finally, I noticed a bit of occasional contrast issues. Nothing major, mind, just a few places where graphics looked over or under-contrasted to me. This could also be my screen, or your screen, so either way just keep an eye on that. For example, the whiles on the book cover are really intense compared to the rest of the graphic and the shadows on this+ seem a bit much to me compared to the softness of the rest of it. I'd suggest just playing around with that as you colour. 


aaand idk if you want anything taken out but personally I would get rid of this+ this+ and this+ for the reasons i outlined up there 




Okay. So, I might have been a bit hard on you, BUT you know I love your gallery and I'm now going to tell you my favourite pieces because otherwise when will I ever get a squee fest in here :P


this+ holy texture use and colouring like ?? and that comp, it's amazing, definitely my favourite style of things you make

this+  how do u achieve simplicity with so much on there plz teach me

this+ literally this is my favourite thing in here

this+ hi ur perfect i would like to marry this blend


basically, bex, your gallery is wonderful I would like to see it become even more wonderful and ily and your perfect graphics a lot, and it was actually hard to come up with that much to say I ate a whole can of pringles before I'd worked out where the issues were. tmi but my keyboard is now very sour cream and onion :|


like i said, plz ask me things if you're not sure and i'm always here to help  :glomp: 

hannah  :loves: 

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#14 beyond the rain

beyond the rain

    bad witch of 'north

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Posted 10 July 2015 - 07:38 PM

Lynda - thank you so much, your comments are so lovely - rent is free, I approve of gallery stalkers ;) 


Yumna - I love using stock, I mean there's been such a texture takeover I feel like I have to defend stock (and im terrible with textures) but thank you :D 


Ash - don't worry about not getting the crit done asap, I really don't mind & I was on holiday so I couldn't read it properly or take it in ^_^ The fact that you've given me crit is great! I feel like I put in a lot people in because when I put in one person they always get put in the centre of the graphic, so I put in as many as possible to mix up comp, but then my graphics get too busy >.< I'll definitely work on text, I did realise it's a weak point in terms of variety but I never know what to do with it but I'll definitely try and mix it up a little :) This has been extremely helpful so again, thank you :wub: 


Hannah - thanks so much for agreeing to give me crit again, the first time it was so helpful, but like I say I feel like I've improved since then, so I wanted your opinion again ^_^ I realised the smokey textures would become repetitive at some point, I was srsly just seeing how much I could use them until someone said something :lol: that and I always feel like a base is so bare without textures on top of a stock base these days....Idk why, but I'll try avoiding doing that in future, thank you :) Blending people into the graphics is another habit of mine....I had a fic like 3 years ago and it was called 'always watching' or something idek and I wanted an eye to be in the graphic, very symbolic I know ahahaha and since then it's stuck, it doesn't always look great so I should stop....again I will try :D 

thank you again hun, i'm so glad you said you'd do this <3 

// bex  // lovely sig by saturn. // MY TUMBLR (M)

 ~now, sashay away ♥ ~  

#15 AstoriaViana


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Posted 22 July 2015 - 01:19 AM

BEX - your new gallery, I'm dying

I love it all so much, that first Judy CI is actually to die for  :loves: 

Also that goodbye to love sig is lovely,

the comp and everything is just perfect.


I dunno man, I dunno, I'm just so impressed and intimidated - 

like way to come back strong love <3

Grace... or Ria... or Mrs. Jamie Campbell Bower

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#16 klutzy_kara


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Posted 27 July 2015 - 09:10 PM

hi bex!! you left me the sweetest comment so i just thought i would drop by and leave you one right back :-)

i really love +this banner. it's a bit out of your usual style, which is nice to see, and it's so well done! i love the boldness to it.

the black and white and color combo really makes it pop, i love it so much! i notice that vibrance on your icons too and it looks so good!

you really pull off that style well! i love your other things too, of course. you use stock like a pro and you've got great composition.

+this, +this, and +this are my favorites <3 the header is especially awesome, the pinks look so good!! everything is so natural and beautiful!

keep up the great work! xoxo

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i'm kara and i'm klutzy, obviously

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#17 page thirteen.

page thirteen.

    i like superheroes and cheques with lots of zeroes on them

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Posted 30 July 2015 - 11:47 AM

Would you believe me if I said the reason I'm late is because you're so good I was scared to crit you? :P BUT I'M HERE THAT COUNTS FOR SOMETHING LET'S BEGIN (in my defence, though, I DID write this crit like four days ago and then I lost it like a pleb)

This is the biggest problem I'm seeing in your gallery rn and it's very alarming for me because I know you can do amazing things. What I mean is, say, look at your sigs- all blue, all texture-based, hints of yellow across all of them. The composition changes each time, which is great, but that's not enough for me man I want purple! Orange! Green...? You have the same problem across all of your sections, and I think it's maybe because you're getting very comfortable? Your bottom four banners have very similar colouring and backgrounds, and it makes something like +this stand out even more because it's so definitely you but it's orange! Textures! No flowers! I hope that makes sense? Your CIs are all red and pink, for instance. So my biggest problem is that you make a lot of great graphics (u know it) but you need to think about what goes into your gallery a little more. I get this problem a lot (usually with my composition ahaha) and usually it means that when I make a new graphic, I'll go into my gallery and think, "Okay, well, the last four banners have x composition, so I'll change that," and that's what you need to do here with your colouring and, I think, your backgrounds especially- a lot of them are flowery and it makes +this stand out because it's indoors. Little things, you know? In short: texture banners, warm sigs and cold CIs to experimentt.

This closely ties in with my previous point actually, in that things are like, you know, looking the same. But I mostly feel like you're losing focal point sometimes, for example, +here - am I meant to look at the the trio or the pumpkins because they have the text right by them (and they're bigger!)? +Here - smaller Lily because she has the text by her, or bigger upside down Lily? Your focal point often gets a little lost when you experiment, and I think you need to remember that text can be pretty integral to reminding people where to look; +here it's far from the focal point so I'm not sure if I'm supposed to notice the text...? Basically, text ties in very closely with composition overall, but you're at the point where your issue lies more in forgetting your focal point than text placement. Just remember where you want people to look (;

What do u mean I can't steal your ideas?? Anyway. Here you go, have two challenges courtesy of #me (but they're small challenges lmao I don't make these things hard): make a warm stock-based sig without using any flowers or leaves stock. Make a bright texture-based banner that deliberately uses blues and greens. That should get you thinking about how to use your stock a little more effectively on a canvas you're not used to and how you can use your colouring from your great sigs somewhere else. It'll also be good to break up your gallery a little if you choose to put them in here ^___^

Look Bex you're the queen of stock and GIMP so it's like, why are you so talented? Why? But even you, my dear sweet Gretchen, need to shake it up a little and I think that's what your gallery needs most - experimentation and thinking outside the box. You've done great with flipping people upside down and whatnot, so you need to think about what you've been doing recently... and then scrap it. Your style is so defined that you can afford to experiment with zany things and see what happens :P

We're PMing rn so... there's that. If you have questions or whatever

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Posted 31 July 2015 - 11:29 AM

grace - ahhh it's so great to see you back on tda, I hope you're staying for good this time :wub:

I try to use OH pictures so you'll hopefully see a lot more of judy in my gallery ;D

I'm glad you like my stuff even though I just had a massive end of month cleanout.

I kinda get self conscious about what's in here, so I take the majority of it out by like the 29th >.< 

Can't wait to see some of your stuff :wub: 


kara - well your gallery is gorgeous so I had to comment at some point,

but it's really sweet of you to leave a comment in return tysm :wub: 

texture banners aren't my thing at all but I then I thought stock & old pictures like those don't really go as well as textures do, so I thought I'd give it a try

i'm really glad you like it :loves: srsly tysm for all the lovely comments :wub: 


regina jade - how could you be scared to crit me when your stuff is so good????

Pffft you lie. So you've really opened my eyes to how much I need to do if I ever want to consider being promo'd so ty for that :wub: 

I've done your lil challenges, I hope you like them ;) I mean ok one of them was a sig promoting tea....but it was stock???

I'm low on inspiration so surely it counts :sean: 

i'm gonna try and use other colours but I love the ones I use so much, I am gonna aim to make less pink/red stuff and branch out a little 

but remember /try/ being the operative word here bc ITS SO DIFFICULT NOT TO 




thank you guys you're so sweet *glomps* 

// bex  // lovely sig by saturn. // MY TUMBLR (M)

 ~now, sashay away ♥ ~  

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