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blob.blob.blob.26th March 2017

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#55 choobacca


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Posted 06 February 2016 - 03:26 PM

hooray! congratulations on the promo!!! enjoy your new shade of blue :D



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Posted 11 February 2016 - 12:33 PM

Ashley- tysm for the critique even though it was almost a year ago... *hides* i think it really helped me, as for image quality, that's something I struggle with but I think I've improved (perhaps?) so thank you! :love:

Gabriel- omg thank you for the super long and detailed critique ... lol back in the days when I was obsessed with Taylor swift. I don't think she's even in my gallery rn. But thank you anywho... :)

@foggy- hey! Thank you for popping by! You've improved so much too I can't believe it!!

@treacharous- that was lovely of you to drop by! tysm! And yes I will take your challenge on board! :D
And thank you for your other comment as well I abandoned that other grainy texture ... *cringes*

Maya- hi! :D *waves* I'm so glad you could come and say hello! Thank you I remember that banner- I was pretty proud of it at the time! Thank you thank you thank you <3

Ellie- thanks! :)

Eva- hey there! Thank you - I always thought come and colouring were some of my weaknesses lol. Everything is my weakness :P :( challenge on board!!!

Catherine- yellow! (Tried to be creative there lol) thank you and I sorry I'm obsessed with tiny text hehe :P

Theia- hello! :wave: I'm so glad you could pop by. Thank you !! :wub:

Sally- yo! I think I've probably stalked your gallery a little too much too. I always forget to post cos I'm to busy squeeing over your :wub: graphics! Tysm anyhow, I'm so excited:D

Katlynn- thank you :D

Vashti- thank you so much! :D and yes, we are the coolest rank aren't we *smirks*

Bex- Oooh thanks for the pretty you're lovely :)

Alison- 4th page yay! Thank you!:P

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Posted 19 February 2016 - 08:09 AM

Hi, Marie! I'm Ayu, here to spread the love! <3
First thing I noticed from your gallery here is how simple your graphics are, in terms of composition. Simple yet really stunning! I love that line you did around the people, like how did you do that? :o I also love how you place the people in your graphic, so creative! My favourites are the last banner and second sig, mostly because I'm a sucker for colours :P they're soo pretty!

Keep being awesome!

-Ayu <3

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Posted 26 February 2016 - 03:18 PM

You left such a lovely comment in my gallery I had to come over :hug: Congrats on the recent promo!!! I know you just turned Junior, but already I'm seeing you develop your own style - I love the minimalism and the amazing use of negative space (something I've never been able to master, I am very guilty of overcluttering). My favourite has to be your Be Still My Heart banner, the soft b&w is perfect and the composition especially is amazing. Love the dreaminess of it as well. Seven Devils banner is also beauts :wub: 

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#59 Guest_Icarus._*

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Posted 02 March 2016 - 01:03 AM

Hi Marie! I'm here to give you a quick critique! I love your style and your creativity! So cool~

Let's get this party started!! :D (feel free to disregard any of my suggestions. xD)

In the first banner, I would erase a bit of the texture off of the girl's face because her chin looks awkwardly cut off.

In the second banner, I suggest moving the coloured girl to the front, since she seems to be the focal point. That would just be logical. Smaller objects would be further away. ^_^

I love the lines! In the third banner, I would just suggest maybe erasing the white shape on the left, as it takes away the focus and maybe use a smoother pen/pencil to draw the lines. :)

Oooh the comp in fourth banner is fascinating! I suggest moving the circle and text to the centre, between the guy and the flower-y thing, for a better focal point. :D

The fifth banner is so pretty! So unique and I love the text. :D I suggest using a soft eraser and erase bits off the texture off of the girl's face.

Your CI is so fabulous! I would just tweak the text a bit so that it's parallel with the rectangular texture, or rotate the texture.

I suggest using the smudge tool on low settings and smudging the shoulder of the girl in the second sig. The shoulder looks a tad bit pointy. :) 

Ughhh I love your creativity! The way you placed text on the girl's face in that third sig is so cool!

Fourth sig is perfect! <3 I love the colours and it's so pretty and soft!!

Awesome icons! The cuts are great. In the first icon, I suggest rotating the circle texture a bit so that the texture is kind of in line with the girl's chin. 

I noticed that your hard cutting is a bit jagged? And watch out for image comp! Although I think grainy is your style lol. Hope this was helpful <3 :D

#60 saturn.



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Posted 04 March 2016 - 01:52 PM

Hiiii Marie! I'm here with your quick critique!


I just wanted to start off by saying that you have a lovely, unique style already! I struggle myself with finding my own style, but you're already there! I think as a whole, your pieces look very cohesive and it's clear to me that you have a very strong personal brand here at TDA and I think that's amazing!


I did want to address a few things though, starting with your text. Sometimes the text gets really pixelated around the edges and you have a lot of harsh edges, particularly with +this, +this and +this. It may be because you're placing your text under a lot of coloring layers, or you're not using the right text smoothing when you're typing. Both are super easy to fix and are really a minor issue, in my opinion!


I wanted to point out +this banner because I think it's beautiful! It's definitely my favorite piece in your gallery. It's so unique, well-colored and the text as the focal point is super cool! I love it. 


I think there's some image quality issues here too, or perhaps you're saving your finished products as a JPEG and not a PNG? It could just be the monitor I'm using too, but I see a lot of pixelation over faces and lines like +here and +here. You can use HQ images, obviously, or check out some of the tutorials on Image Prep at the Tutorial Center! They're super helpful. Watch your hard cuts too; I see some halos around some of the people like +this girl in the colored image and on the right black and white image. You can go in and mask those out pretty quickly though, so that's an easy fix!


Your texture use is great! Just watch the blending you're using like +here. If you look closely, on the right side of the banner there's a really hard line from where a texture wasn't totally blended. You can just fix that with the smudge tool or a fluffy brush and a layer mask! :)


Overall, you ave such a cool style and I think you'll really be moving around the ranks in no time at all! If you have any other questions with anything, please let me know! I hope this was helpful! :)

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Posted 04 March 2016 - 02:37 PM

Hi Marie! So sorry that I only managed to do your critique now D:

I can't believe you've been waiting so long :( I'm really terribly

sorry for the wait.

1. Sugar
One word: originality! :loves: I completely adore the style you've got

going on. The texture use is really cool and I like how different your

graphics are. They're easily recognizable and that's a big plus! Keep

up the good work.
Stay different and cool and make lots of new things! Trying out new

techniques or colourings and such always get you lots of cool ideas

and you obviously already got a head full of those! Kudos to you!
Challenge: Stoooock *sings* make a graphic in the size of your choice

with no textures and all stock ;)

2. Spices
I'm going by techniques here, since you've got a lot going on in your

gallery. What you should watch out for:
Over sharpening: Definitely not a big issue, but still something you

should keep in mind. All your graphics look fairly edgy and a tad over

sharpened and I think that if you reduced that a bit, especially on faces

of people, that would be great.
Text: Make sure your text is legible. I love the geometric shapes you

put your text on (be careful here though, not to be too repetitive) but

don't make your text too small or too blurry. On your third banner the

'eyes open' is REALLY hard to read and also over sharpened, whereas

the text in the fourth banner your text is okay in size but too blurry to

read - it would be great if you could fix that!
Simplicity: That is definitely part of your style but again, be careful not

to be too repetitive with your composition. Perhaps play around with

more people or making the ones on your graphics a bit smaller at times -

it could really spice up your gallery. Right now, some of your graphics

seem a bit empty (first sig, third & last banner) and I think you could add

some textures or so to them so they still stay simple but also look a bit

more interesting and not as empty <3
Colouring: You got really good at black and white and 'cold' colouring

but I think here you could experiment a bit more. Maybe also work on

contrasts a bit - sometimes I think that's a bit low (girl on first sig, second

Blending: You're already really good at that, just in some graphics be

careful to make your hard cutting clean - on your second banner for

example the hard cutting on the middle girl is a bit sloppy, you can still

see the white around her hair, and it would look a lot more professional if

it was clean (:

3. Cinnamon
I love all the things you've got going on and your book cover has blown me

away :loves: and I really love your special style. Just keep experimenting

and be different! That's always awesome ;)
If I were to suggest a clean out, I'd choose your second banner (or fix the

blending ;)), your third banner, perhaps your last and your first and second

If you have any questions, feel free to send me a pm! I hope I didn't ramble

to much and made some sense :'D
Love, Sally

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Posted 06 March 2016 - 11:00 PM

Hey Marie!! i'm here with your crit. I changed the format slightly so the last part, while including something to watch out for, is also a challenge. I hope that's all right. As I was writing the last point, I really wanted to challenge something for you and I thought that would be a good way to finish off the crit so I hope that's okay! Let me know if you have any questions or concerns.


to improve on:

1. image quality

This was the first thing I noticed looking at your graphics. Overall, they look just a bit LQ. I checked and noticed that you're saving your graphics as jpg. If you save as png, that will help a lot with the image quality. Overall, the images just look slightly pixilated. It might be from saving as jpg, but also be sure to not over sharpen as that may be adding to the issue. I love +this banner, but the line is so sharp that it takes away from the focal point. 

2. blending

Not a huge issue, but there are a few places that your blending is a bit messy. The cutting on the main girl +here is a bit rough. Be careful with hard cutting as you don't want to leave edges looking too sharp. You want to try and have it look as natural and soft as possible, which still a hard cut, which is hard. It's one of those things that comes with practice. There are different ways to hard cut, some of which I know are covered in tutorials on the site, so maybe try out so different ways and see what works best for you.

3. colouring

I think the biggest issue with colouring right now is contrast. Some graphics seem to be a little too contrasted, but most don't seem to have enough. Having enough contrast is still something I struggle with. I always start out with a black and white gradient on luminosity and then go from there. That's often enough, but it depends on what else you do with your colouring. The other colouring aspect I want to bring up is often your colours seem a little flat.  For example, the colouring on the main girl +here, is very limited, very few colours on the whole thing. Try adding more depth to your colour ranges. In general, I think you could benefit from just experimenting more with your colouring.


doing well:

1. composition

Your composition is amazing! +this is by far my favourite graphic and the comp on it is so amazing, balanced and beautiful with the text adding just enough depth it's great. You do a great job with filling the canvas and mostly keeping things in balance and keeping things interesting.

2. creativity 

Every graphic is so creative, which I just love. A lot of it is composition, but just the way everything is put together, the colours, the images, it's all really interesting and creative. Each piece is really fun to look at and is just really lovely all around.



1. text

Your text isn't bad. It works really well in your graphics. However, unlike a lot of other aspects, your text isn't as creative. You use the similar fonts, size, and placement overall. So my challenge for you is to make a banner with larger, cursive type. Really experiment with size and placement and different fonts. 

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Posted 18 March 2016 - 12:56 PM

Hi Marie! Just stopping by to check out  your amazingness! I'm really impressed with your grungy, arty style! I love the muted colors and the line drawings and I'm just really loving what you're doing! :)

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Posted 27 May 2016 - 08:22 PM

i love your conceptual graphics! Sure there's more room for improvements but it's good already!

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Posted 10 February 2017 - 08:15 PM

Hi Marie! 


I'm here with your requested crit! 


So the first thing I noticed right away looking at your gallery is what a strong style you have. I definitely see a distinct look that I find identifiable as specifically you. Congratulations on that because I feel like even upper level artists really sometimes struggle to figure out who they are and what their style will be. I particularly like how you have sort of a grunge/texture-y feel to a lot of your work. I find that to be a really difficult thing to accomplish, but you're doing really well at it. 


I'm going to go over your gallery section by section so I can go a little bit more in depth with both good things and areas to improve on. :) 



My favorite of your three banners is your All In It banner. I love the star texture and the way you used the text to fill up the banner. The b&w coloring is also really well done. Your seven devils banner is nice too. The coloring is lovely and it's a lot softer than some of your other pieces.


IMO, your Eyes Open banner is holding that section back a bit. I like the overall idea of what you were going for with it, but I think the execution is lacking a little bit. The white line that you outlined the guy with is pixelated and the text is a bit hard to read. It also has the feeling of being two separate graphics. On the left you have warm brown, softer textures and then on the right you have the inverted guy, stark black coloring, and a white line texture. It doesn't quite feel cohesive to me. 


Chapter Images:

It looks like one of your chapter images has a broken link.


I think the chapter images are probably your strongest area. It's where your simplicity really seems to shine and work to your advantage. Your We Found Love CI is a good example of that. There's not a lot to it, but you've done well with each element. The image quality is good and the greenish blue color balances nicely with the greys. The only little bit of crit on that would be to watch your hard cuts. There are a couple of rough areas on her right side, particularly the shoulder.


For your Alone CI, I like how you've played with a unique composition and lots of different textures. I think that the font for the title could perhaps be different. Something about the one you've chosen seems a little too clean/polished for all the funky textures you have going on below it. That's just my personal taste though and you can feel free to ignore it. 


I do see a bit of image quality issues on the small girl on your Alone CI. I think she's maybe slightly undercontrasted, so her face looks a bit muddled. I think if you gave her just a touch more brightness and contrast, the definition of her facial features would be more clear. You could also try out the smart sharpen tool. Sometimes that helps bring out the edges a bit more. Just remember to start with a low amount on the sharpening. 


Signatures: At the moment you only have one signature in your gallery, but that actually happens to be my favorite piece in your entire gallery. I love the pretty, subtle coloring in it. With all of the darker colors and greys, the purples and yellows on that one is sort of a breath of fresh air. I love the image you selected as your focal point. It has really good quality and is just a really interesting piece on it's own. You did a good job adding textures to it that matched well and didn't fall into the trap of making things too busy. Really good job there! 



I don't have a ton to say about icons at the moment since there are only two individual icons there. I think your cuts are interesting on them and I like how you give them a really textured look. I would suggest caution with those heavy textures over faces though because they do tend to make the images look less sharp/LQ.



I think the header you have in this section is nice, but suffering a bit from image quality issues. The b&w image of the girl looks a bit fuzzy to me. This is again where smart sharpen can really come in handy. I'd also say that I think the contrast could be just a bit higher on the image. The small text on it is also pretty difficult to read.



I do think you have a strong identity as an artist and I think you should continue to develop that. Your perspective is really interesting and unique, which is great. I think if you were to post a graphic in the PYLC, I'd definitely be able to tell that it was yours. That being said, in a way, I think your style is holding you back just a little bit. (More on this to follow)


Your composition is relatively similar in each graphic and like you noted in your request for crit, you do have a lot of single person graphics. I think the best suggestion I can give to you for that is to just play around and experiment. Maybe look through some of the grad or staff galleries and see how they've incorporated multiple people. 


I'd also suggest playing with stock a bit more. By what I see here, it seems that you prefer textures, which is fine, but as you progress through the ranks, I think having a bit more variety will help you. Finding ways to incorporate your style into different types of graphics is a big thing. 


In terms of image quality, I do see a few issues, but nothing horrible. Really, I think just continue working on finding HQ images and then doing good image prep. Using smart sharpen can really help clean an image up. Messing around with brightness/contrast can also help too. I also tend to add a black to white gradient set to overlay on low opacity (usually around 30%) to my images of people cause it brightens their faces and darkens their bodies a bit. 


I think one thing I've noticed across the board on your graphics is that the lighting seems a bit flat on them. I'd suggest experimenting with different lighting gradients. Try them on soft light, vivid light, overlay, and screen and see how they affect your graphics. I think just a light black to white gradient would add a bit more depth to some of the simpler pieces.


All in all, I see a lot of promise. Just keep experimenting and pushing outside of your comfort zone!  You're definitely on the right track. :)



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Posted 16 February 2017 - 07:14 PM

hey marie :dumbles:


i'm really impressed with how you do simplicity so well - your graphics aren't flat at all :wub: your texture use is fantastic, obviously :D :D


my favourites are definitely your first two chapter images - esp love the combo of colour and mono ^_^

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Posted 17 February 2017 - 10:06 AM

Hey Marie! Your gallery is really stunning, I’ve been ogling it for a few days as I write this. Honestly, the biggest thing that stands out to me isn’t even a critique. Make more!! You have a beautiful style that I’d love to see expanded a bit. I feel like a lot of what I’m going to say below could happen naturally if you made more things and experiments more. 


So the first thing I’d mention is comp repetition. I think in terms of coloring, you actually have experimented, from black and white to color, to inverted and to a combination of those. I really like that about your work. The thing that is repetitive, which you named on your form, is the comp- and not even of all pieces, but of the pieces in each section. I’d also point out image quality, which you also identified as a weak spot. I’ll go over those two things in this crit.


For example, your banners feature one person each, near the center and with their features somehow obscured. The text varies though, which I love! These banners are all well done individually and I wouldn’t take any of them away- really, I’d just add more, and with variety. I’d even encourage you to work more with the line drawing you started, because that can be a very cool direction.


Now we get to the CI’s, which are beautiful as well. My favorite by far is the “alone” CI, which is just breathtaking and very well done in terms of comp, coloring, texture use and image quality. That being said, the comp of all of the CI’s are structured like this. Again, with some experimentation this could be helped. I would take out the “please don’t go” CI, as the text is a bit lacking (and blurry), although I like the coloring a lot. The girl in the back is also blurry and grainy, which may be because of image selection. Pick images that are already high quality to begin with, so that unless you distort the image or put a texture on top of it (both usually no-no’s) the image is going to be high quality.


You run into the same image quality problem with your signature, which is really pretty in comp and its moody coloring, but the girl is a bit lq, as is the text. Again, I’d love to see more graphics and experimentation in your sig section! :)


Finally your blend, which is really stunning! You utilize the white lines again here, which I love. Development of a focal point could use a bit of work, but otherwise this is probably among your best pieces, along with the “alone” CI. 


I can’t wait to see how you develop and and bloom, I'm a big fan!




Ally  :hearts:



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Posted 27 February 2017 - 01:33 AM

hey! i am here finally with your crit \o/


since you wanted some general crit i'm just gonna let you know overall what my thoughts are & what i think you should work on!


the biggest thing that jumps out at me is image quality. your style is really creative and unique. the things you do with minimalism and negative space are gorgeous. one thing that holds you back is the image quality of some of your final products. for example here+, while i love the composition and simplicity of it, the person in the back's face is very grainy. some of the best things you can do for filtering are things like gaussian blur, surface blur, and smudge. a suuuper low gaussian blur, like at MOST a radius of 1 set at soft light or even normal at a very very low opacity can work wonders on a graphic. it all depends on what you're looking for. but after i do something like that i'll always do a smart sharpen layer. i keep the radius extremely low (like .3) and then i'll bring the amount up to somewhere in the 30s or 40s (that's what i think would work best for your graphics). don't be afraid to mask away at some areas and lower the opacity ;) the most important thing to me is to use the sharpening brush itself and paint it over things like eyes and lips. that's always my very last step when making a graphic. i usually keep the brush at like a 10-20% opacity at most.


for surface blur, again less is more. you can stick it on there to smooth everything over and then, again, lower the opacity as you see fit. and finally, same for smudge. i'd copy+merge the layers and smudge over everything until it looks nice and smooth, even to the point of looking weird and painty, and then lower the opacity a TON. that'll help overall with your image quality.


however, the most important thing is always to start out using hq images! :')


overall i really like your composition honestly! this+ banner i find to be a bit unbalanced. there's color on the left side while it's pretty black and white on the right. there's also much more going on on the right half than on the left. i don't think composition is a huge issue with your graphics; i think this is something you could take out because your other banners are definitely stronger. i like the other two banners you have a lot.


in general, i think experimenting with coloring would be beneficial for you. a lot of your graphics look very minimally colored, which works really well for the most part. but i think it's good to experiment and try different things, whether it's bringing out certain colors in a graphic or perfecting your use of monochrome. you do a lot of mixed coloring at hte moment (mono and color), so what if you try a mono that's not b&w? i also think you should try putting more than two people on a graphic.


since you don't have a ton in your gallery right now, i'm just trying to think of challenges for you and things you can do to experiment. my main things for you are 1. trying non black and white-based mono and 2. putting more than 2 people on a graphic. i think in terms of areas of growth, what's most important is your image quality. to me, that's what holding you back the most right now. your style is very unique and distinct, which is fantastic. all of your graphics are totally recognizable as yours!


basically, just make more!!! i want to see more of your creations. 


i hope that was helpful :') lmk if you have any questions or want me to expand further on anything!

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Posted 04 March 2017 - 10:35 AM

congrats on the promotion marie!!! 

I adore your texture use and how minimalist everything is in here,

but you manage to fill the canvas and still have everything look so clean and simplistic. 

i can't wait to see what else you make, well done again!! 





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Posted 03 April 2017 - 05:17 PM

These are really pretty.

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